Horizontal Impact crusher

We supply a whole variety of horizontal impactor spares including blow bars, hammers, impact plates, liner plates, bearing, housings, replacement rotors, replacement impact aprons, front locking pieces, grinding rails, swing beam rails, labyrinths, springs and bolts. 


Manganese steels

Manganese blow bars are low prices and satisfactory wear resistance. Ideally suited for applications with strong impact without danger of cracking bar, tolerant to impact the metal pieces that accidentally find themselves in material or oversized pieces of stone that feeds crusher. Recommended for concrete recycling. With various gradients allow power durability in operation. Not recommended for highly abrasive materials.


Chrome White Iron

We  also supply high chrome white iron blow bars as an alternative to manganese steel. High chrome is the ideal choice for highly abrasive applications where there is no oversize high impact rock or recycling debris in the feed. Chrome white iron wear parts offer good resistance to abrasion. However, chrome white iron impactor parts are not suitable where tramp metal or large objects are included in the feed material .


Martensitic steels

If the material varies considerably in size then this is the best solution. Martensitic steel is good in a variety of applications, has excellent impact resistance and at the same time hardest material is extremely resistant to abrasion. With ceramic inclusions performance are even better.