Mines and Quarries

New element possesses many years of experience in designing systems for crushing and screening of various natural and artificial materials. Starting from the softest limestone, but to very hard and abrasive volcanic material. In cooperation with its customers, New Element was developed and validated methods of calculation and design of crusher plants and systems for screening by which it is possible to predict very accurately the capacity of the plant (all input and output fractions), the total cost of processing of materials and profitability of processing materials. According to detailed input data of the base material, New element offers its clients a complete techno-economic analysis for the processing of materials, based on which customers can at an early stage foresee very easy all possible income and expenses, and decide on the feasibility of the investment.

Since the New element is one of the largest suppliers of wear parts for crushers in the region, there is a big database of lifetime of wearing parts, and therefore all the details of the cost of processing material preparation. This represents a key experience in project development.



- Installations in Kazakhstan 1

- Installations in Kazakhstan 2

- Mobile crushers in line

- Loading station for NH4NO3 and ANFO truck