Asphalt plants

Asphalt plants are a key link in the great chain of production, regular maintenance and annual overhaul are necessity.

Besides the usual wearing parts of the mixer (wearing pads, cartridge arm, belts, chains, tops rowing), we have a wide range of quality spare parts for all systems of asphalt plants. Including: dryers, conveyors, screens, dosing hoppers, dust collectors, burners.

We provide not only mechanical spare parts but also electrical components, electrical cabinets (PLC, HMI, SCADA). We can provide a whole package of parts for the restoration of your plants.

We offer support for all types and brands of asphalt plants, such as: Parker Plant, Phoenix Transworld, Marini, Ammann, AutoBatch, Mixabatch, Roadbatch, Turbomatic.

Even more, we do complete engineering and construction of parts of your asphalt plant according to your needs.s.


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